Diamond Jewelry Maintenance 101

Your engagement ring is not only a valuable piece in your collection but also one of the most sentimentally important. The last thing you want is for your ring to begin to look tarnished because of lack of or improper cleaning. There are many different types of metals and stones, so it’s important to know how to clean your pieces properly.

A diamond may be the hardest natural substance on Earth, but it still requires special care. It’s recommended that you take all your fine jewelry in to be professionally cleaned by a specialist at least once every 6 months, but it’s also wise to do regular maintenance yourself in-between visits. After all, what’s sweeter than watching your freshly polished and cleaned diamond engagement ring sparkle in the light?

How to Clean Diamond Rings

When looking for the best cleaning method, you’ll need to consider the different metals and settings in your collection. Fine jewelry is usually dirtied by common at-home products and cosmetics like lotions and foundations. These products create a layer of film which leaves the metals and stones looking dull. Whether you’re wondering how to clean diamond earrings, rings or any other fine jewelry, the following remedy is a safe regimen for all metal types, including platinum, silver, gold and white gold.

First, fill a medium-sized bowl with warm water and mix in a few drops of dishwashing liquid, shampoo or a gentle body wash. You can soak the ring for up to 20-40 minutes and use a sponge to wipe away any unwanted substances. For pieces that are more tarnished, you can apply a very soft toothbrush or a linen or cotton cloth. Repeat cleanings about once per week to keep your collection sparkling.

What Not to Do:

• Avoid special cleaning lotions and paper towels; they add an unwanted film to the surface of your jewelry.
• Never use household cleaners. Harsh chemicals can be corrosive to base metals.
• Avoid powdered cleaning products; the grains will scratch the surface. This is especially important with solid gold since it is a softer metal.
• Don’t use sharp objects to clean dirt from crevices; it can scratch the metal and potentially loosen a stone.
• Don’t wear your ring while cooking. Oils will catch particles from the air and create build-up.
• Don’t use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners at home. These devices can cause stones to loosen and you may not know what happened until you lose one!

Your diamond jewelry is precious and can be kept for a lifetime if cared for properly. Although it’s ideal to keep up regular cleanings at home, be sure to see your jeweler for professional cleanings at least once every 6 months. He/she will know the best way to keep your jewelry shining based on the specific types of gemstones and metals in your collection.